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Our Scottish forefathers regarded support of education to be important in order to allow our people to improve themselves. Our society established a series of scholarships at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


The A. Murray MacKay Scholarship of $1000 is open to a student entering Dalhousie from Citadel High School in Halifax and is awarded in memory of one of our distinguished Past Presidents and community leaders.

The Alan Pollok Scholarship of $1000 is in memory of the Rev. Alan Pollok and is awarded to a second year student in the faculty of arts and science.


The Honourable LD Currie Scholarship in Music of $1000 is awarded to a Canadian in any year of music, in memory of the Honourable Lauchlin D. Currie.


For more information and application instructions, contact Dalhousie University at www.dal.ca