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Scottish Dress Traditional and Contemporary

If you are looking for Scottish apparel, whether it be traditional or contemporary, the MacIsaac Family can probably assist you.


As stated on her website "When authenticity, craftsmanship and creativity are combined, art soars to its highest potential. In this case it's fashion, brought to you by Halifax's popular up-and-coming designer, Veronica MacIssac."

See more about Veronica's apparel at http://www.veronicamacisaac.com/Home.html


If you are looking for a more traditional kilt please check out MacIsaac Kiltmakers at http://www.mackilts.com/. As stated on their website, "MacIsaac Kiltmakers hand makes Scottish kilts for men, pipe bands, and highland dancers. We have had the good fortune to continually provide complete dance outfits for National and World champion dancers around the world."


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